The Pig and the Mouse

3 Oct 2021

My dearest Rodney,

Well, its been 3 days and 3 years since you made transition from this world. I watched a live stream of a celebration of life of a friend and of course it brought back memories.

Not long after I came to France, I found an artist that I really admire and her name is Cecile Gambini. She has a studio here in Clermont-Ferrand and after a few discussions, I commissioned her to paint a work for me. I bought an old frame and gave it to her and I sent her along with one of the photos we had taken when we were in China. The mouse is my Chinese year and the Pig was yours, so she combined our spirit and our love for the people of China in this piece of art. Yesterday I picked up the painting and today, after watching the livestream celebration for my friend, I hand it proudly in my little apartment in France. 

The photography studio had this old sidecar…we talked about the treks we wanted to make. Now, I make them in my mind with you right behind my eyes.

I affixed this photo to the painting that Cecile did as I think it captures the spirit that was uniquely us with her style and our animals.

I will always you Rodney, I will always love you even though you made transition from this earth on 29 Sep 2018. May God bless you in your mission and you ride right beside me in all my adventures…then and now.