In Alsace I made a plan

10 Oct 2021

My dearest Rodney,

Hard to imagine you have been gone from this earth 3 years. Someone asked me last night how long it had been and when I hear myself say 3 years, I was almost surprised. I have a lifetime of memories with you, and to realize those experiences together physically stopped 3 years ago is still strange . I’ll always love you Rod, always. You know you are the love of my life, and will always be. I miss you, and little by little I am finding the steps forward to live this 2nd chapter of my life here in France.

This year, I decided to take a mini-vacation just after the low period of the year, (the anniversary of your death and my birthday), so I made a long weekend trek to the Alsace region. You and I went to Strasbourg years ago and sure this trip brought back some memories. We didn’t take the time to explore the region. This time, with the recommendations of a friend who used to live there, I visited and enjoyed the foods of the « real » Alsace. It was wonderful. I share a few pics !

The little village of Eguisheim was so charming
The village of Souflenheim is known for Alsacien know I never met a pot I didn’t like!
The village of Ribeauville is home of Beauville table know I had to go there! What a beautiful store!
Ribeauville is a beautiful village
La petite France section of Strasbourg is so pretty with its canals, architecture and bridges. I remember walking around this area years ago, hand in hand.
In most every cathédrale I visit Rod, I light a candle for you, and this one is in Strasbourg. you are always with me Rod.
The town of Selestat was a cute little village (and an artisan jeweler!…don’t worry, I didn’t buy anything ..but it did give me ideas for a future recycling project!)
Then I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something we would not have done together..stay at a winery at Saint Hypolite!
Then I went to Haut Koningsberg , a castle/ a hard life on the high ground!
Couldnt resist eating a flemenkuchen..thin crust, cream, bacon, onions and cheese..baked in a bread would have lived this! bon appétit !
The town of Belfort has a massive monument. We went by here many times, but never took the time to stop. It’s not a beautiful town, but they do have a beautiful sculpture of this Lion that commemorates a battle from years gone by, Done by Bartholdi, the same man
who created the Statue of Liberty in New York.
With the help and insistence of my friend, I was able to stay at a mill house in Haut Marne region which I have never visited, and made some new friends. They are renovating the house and barn . The water still runs under the house. It’s a labor of love for them and I really appreciated to stay there!

One of the most important things I did on this trip, in addition to changing the air and getting my battery recharged, was to update « the plan ». We started an annual ritual years ago to share our dreams, goals and objectives and we always had a timeline to mark special events and ideas we wanted for our future. We would pick a place to visit and see, and spend some “us time” updating this plan and timeline. When you died Rod, I didn’t have the strength to continue this work..I started doing some inventory work in December last year, and wrote some thoughts down on paper, and it gave me some structure, but, not a plan. This trip, I have created a plan and timeline for me. I didn’t really plan to do it, but one of those intuitive thoughts came to mind and some keystrokes later, I now have a plan! Will everything I have listed happen? Probably not, but it’s there. I have a plan! I think this time just after your go to heaven day anniversary May become my annual ritual. We’ll see! I know I will suffer the consequences of taking this time off at work..over 200 emails await..but as you always said « your inbox will continue to fill up the day after you leave the company » so true Rod, so true.

So, that’s about it Rod, I just wanted to share this special time of year with you. Another brick in the path on this journey in the 2nd chapter of my life.

You remain right behind my eyes. Always,