Sarah’s watercolors

My portfolio showcases the watercolors paintings, created after my dear husband passed. A visual of many emotions.

Painting…a skill I never thought I had. It started when we lived in Dothan, AL in the late 1980’s. I saw a painting and I liked it and bought it from a local display in a mall. The man who sold it to me invited me to come and try water color painting myself at a Saturday morning class. I went, and I was hooked! I started playing and drawing (another skill I didn’t know I had) and found that I liked what in saw, more and more. When we moved to Fort Wayne, IN, the paint supplies went with me. I saw an advertisement for a class with a professional artists, Susan Blackwood, so I took a week of vacation and studied under her. She was an awesome teacher. I painted several works and gave them to family and friends. Then in 1997, we moved to France. The paints were never opened..not sure why..just didn’t have the urge. Maybe stress of the job, maybe other interests, not sure, it just didn’t happen. Fast forward to 2018, my dear Rodney died..my life was in type of auto pilot. My friend Glenda, whom I met in Fort Wayne, was now living in Greenville, SC. This is where Rodney and I lived when we came back from China and we reconnected. Glenda had « collected » my painted Christmas cards, and was also in a grief journey of her own after losing her husband 4 years prior. She helped me so much during Rod’s sickness, death and on my own grief journey. Glenda gave me a watercolor art set and encouraged me to start painting again. The box remained shut. I moved to France and I decided to take the box with me. In March 2020, with Covid19 cases raging in Europe, France introduced a confinement. While I was able to work from home, there was also imposed some forced « vacation ». I live in a small apartment in the city and after thoroughly cleaning it, I looked at the little pansies i had planted in my window box back in the fall and saw their beauty in the morning light. I thought about the art box and decided to open it. I sketched and then painted.so many techniques I had forgotten, so many fears, but eventually the little painting was done and I liked what I saw..and even more, I liked the feeling of creativity that started bubbling out. I was re-hooked. In this period of covid19 and continuing on my grief journey painting has provided a wonderful outlet for expressing many emotions that seem to flow from my heart through the brush to the paper.

Sarah’s photography

Over time and with the advent of a good camera on an iPhone, and especially since Rod’s death, I have been taking photographs…lots of photographs! I have included a few here.

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