3 years since your go to heaven day

29 September 2021

Dearest Rodney,

It’s been 3 years since your soul ascended into Heaven, and you left your broken body here on this earth. Such a bittersweet day for me and all of your loved ones (and there are a lot of them!) as you made the great transition. I don’t profess to know how all of this works, I just know you are doing your mission as You were told you would be doing. I also know I will join you again some day, when there is no dawning, no setting of the sun, and we shall see Him Face to face.

I still have the waves of grief Rod, it seems to be shorter in duration this year, but I can assure you it is still very intense when it comes. This year, I got a bit smarter and took the 29th and 30th off work… just to have some me and you time. Of course you remain just behind my eyes, and I’m grateful for that, but gotta admit I sure do miss you being here physically beside me.

Loved you in 1983, even more in 2018, and still more in 2021

The words I shared at your internment ceremony ring as true today as they did back on that cold, rainy day back in 2018. I believe you are both working and resting in peace.

At the Camp Nelson National cemetery, Nicholasville, KY.

We talked about me coming to France after..so here I am, 3 years later. I’ve been here a little over 2 years, and I can say, Life is good. The early days were rough, but one day at a time, with the help of many friends. I’m doing ok. I’m working a lot, in a mix between work from home and office. I’m sure you would not have liked living with or dying from covid19 virus. Thankfully, you missed that experience. My friends are helping me and, I’m even learning to be a better and better cook!

Learning how to gather mushrooms and tell the good ones apart from the bad ones! (I have a very limited repertoire !)
Quinoa and vegetable stuffed, baked tomatoes

I still keep in touch with our friends in China and babies that were born just after we left are growing up. It’s the cycle of life.

Our miracle « granddaughter « Grace, in Shenyang

I love you Rodney, I will always love You. You will always be the love of my life, and I remain eternally yours. Life goes on, until it doesn’t…the trick is to live life to its fullest until we die. You did that Rod, and I’m striving to do that too. Until we meet again my dearest Rodney,

Your girl Sarah in 2021..3 years after you left this earth Rod. Letting time do what only time can do.