The number 40 that never was

23 April 2023

Hello my love,

40 years ago today 23 April 1983, we were joined in holy matrimony; prior to that we were joined at the heart and have remained so ever since. Even though we are no longer physically together, we remain spiritually ever so close. The collage pic I put together in 2018 shows us in 1983 and again in 2018, 6 months before you passed onto the great beyond. Then finally in 2019 with me and our picture behind me.

1983-2018…Such great experiences together between those years, reduced to a « – the dash » What’s in between our dash? From our beginnings as husband and wife in Paducah to Louisville to Danville to Dothan to Fort Wayne to Montceau-les-mines to Bucharest to Lexington to Greenville to Shenyang and back to Greenville it was an exciting Aunt Betty said « charmed « , and she was right. Of course there were ups and downs, and looking back the ups were always more than the downs. We were a great team, aligned, determined, goal oriented..powerful.

You always supported me, no matter what. For that I will always be eternally grateful.

Thank you again my love for all you have and continue to do for me. You’re the love of my life and always will be.

I went to Paris with a friend this weekend..visiting new places for me, including the Marmottan museum..a museum in the home of an art collector of Monet’s time.

I don’t remember the name of this Monet work but I live it..the light and colors of the reflections just draw me in!
A zoom on thé people on thé boat in the same painting. Already starting to see how loosely painted the forms are..and how each color and brush stroke is strategically placed.
A close up of the people on the boat. The brush strokes going sideways, vertical, sometimes just the brush put on top of other dried paint on the canvas… I’m still amazed. This is the magic of the impressionist style…and an impressive skill to be able to paint so loosely up close and form a coherent scene at a distance…works on my brain!

On the train ride back, I saw the yellow rapeseed fields and it brought back memories of when we first arrived in France in 1997 and seeing those bright yellow fields as we flew in.

Thé Rapeseed fields aglow in France in April.

So I will continue in this chapter of my life Rod, one day at a time..until we meet again. you remain right between my eyes. I will always love you. Always.