Happy heavenly 39th anniversary

23 April 2022

My dearest Rodney,

Looking at the date on the blog, I’m shocked that Its been 4 months since my last entry. Your birthday came and went on the 12th of Feb, yet I didn’t write. Does that mean I’m forgetting? Does that mean I’m getting used to you not being here? Does it mean I’m starting to live life in the comfort of your spiritual wings? Probably a little of all of the above.

I came back to France yesterday after having spent 2 weeks in the US. 10 plants in 9 days..quite a whirlwind trip..you would say « classic Sarah »..always wanting to squeeze in more! Some things just don’t change! As the plane was preparing to land, I looked out the window and beheld a very similar view to the one we saw when we first came here to live in April 1997. 25 years ago. As I took it all in on the plane, it Seemed like yesterday, bringing forth both a smile and a tear.

The mustard fields form a patchwork around Paris in April.

As you know is a very special day…Happy heavenly anniversary Rodney. This time 39 years ago we said our traditional wedding vows..the phrase «until death do us part » comes to mind today..and yes, your death did make us part, much sooner than we both planned or wished. However, our love did not die with your death. Even though Your body is no longer on this earth with me, I know we are together spiritually. I will always love you Rodney, always. Love does not die with death.

As I unpacked my suitcases this morning, I found a piece of paper, a piece of paper I had never seen before. A note you wrote years ago, and somehow found it’s way to this suitcase and fell out today, on our anniversary. A gift from heaven. Thank you Rodney.

À gift from heaven today: An original, heartfelt quotation from’Rodney A Miller on the topic of being proud. He often told people he was proud of them..myself included. I never heard him expound on this until reading this note.

I’m still so proud of you Rodney, during your time here on this earth, you helped so many people; remaining anonymous, remaining humble, remaining true to your beliefs and convictions. Your remain just behind my eyes.

I am not in deep grief today Rod, but the song about our beloved bluegrass state came up on my playlist today as I cleaned around the apartment. Bury me in bluegrass » by Kate Campbell. Very fitting for me today and the plan is to have my ashes and marker in the spot of a little red marker right beside yours at Camp Nelson.

Bury me in bluegrass..right beside my Rodney in Camp Nelson National cemetery, Kentucky.

Love you eternally, still,