All my best wishes for 2022

12 Jan 2022

Happy Heavenly New Year Rod!

I wonder as I write that phrase how time there any measure of time in other spaces or dimensions? Is time a dimension all to itself? The year starts because we assign a measure of time/date. Who came up with that system? Why did they do it? Deep questions with no obvious answers to start the year! A discussion I look forward to sharing with you, on that fine day we meet again.

I still have times when seemingly out of nowhere, tears just come;

– an expression I see on someone’s face,

– a one-liner that sounds just like something you would say

– the lyrics of a song,

– The purchase of a special gift for me..something I imagine you would give me

– receiving news, good or bad…and wishing I could share it with you

– arriving to my destination and having to resist the impulse and habit to call you and tell you I made it.

…and the list could go on and on

Like the fresh flowers you used to have at our home..and when my team gave me these flowers, made me shed a tear..gratitude for them, and memories of you.

This year I shared Christmas with our extended family..first time I’ve done that since you passed Rod. I wasn’t sure I was ready to cross that threshold. With God’s Grace and lots of love from friends and family, it worked out. Only 1 snaffoo and that came from flight cancellations due to no Covid impacts..staffing, sickness etc. I will see our Florida connection on another trip. Everyone misses you Rod, and I selfishly say, me the most.

Rachael, Chris, Nana Sarah and sweet Olivia.
And I even cooked a camping meal for Matthew! He is becoming more and more his father’s son!
Mary Nell, Becky and me, surrounding my Aunt Freda! She’s 98 now and sharp as a tack!
And we all enjoyed the Henderson side gathering at Jane’s. Everyone missed “Billy Podoski”

It’s January and soon it will be April and God willing I will complete my 3rd year in France. Looking back, it was really the right decision for me. I’m so grateful we talked about it before you passed. I will always remember when we sat on the sofa in China after the shock of the terminal diagnosis had turned into plans for the future… a future I dont want to face, but reality forced it on me. We talked about possibilities to work, jobs, locations, retirement, all kinds of topics..and the possibility of coming to France. You told me, “if they offer you “the world job” you need to go back to France”. I held into that guidance and so so grateful for it. A gift. A real gift. Thank you so much!

So my dear I wish you all my best wishes on this start of 2022 here on earth! “Tous mes meilleurs vœux , enfin tu as la bonne santé!

My best wishes for 2022

You remain right behind my eyes. Always and forever. aloha.