Happy heavenly birthday in this Year of the Ox.

12 Feb 2021

Dearest Rodney,

Happy heavenly birthday. You would have been 74 had you stayed here in this earth until now. This is the 3rd anniversary of your birthday without you here with me. We celebrate the arrival of a living soul here, and we mourn the departure. I sure do miss you Rodney. You will always be the love if my life. Always! Even though you are always right behind my eyes, I sure miss seeing you in front of my eyes.

Happy birthday in 2016 in China Rod. My Prince. Always treated me as your Princess.

I’m doing OK Rodney, I’ve adjusted to living here in France and starting to thrive. I have good friends who have more or less adopted me all over the world. Since COVID, no travel, mostly working from home, so my little apartment is more than home..it’s sleep, eat, work, and play space.

Today, is Chinese New Year and I got greetings from our Chinese family. They miss you too. It’s the year of the ox. We’ve been gone from there 2.5 years..I’m starting to lose my language skills and sense of Asian culture. 过年好米勒,我永远爱你😘

0ur last Chinese New Year in 2018 with our red envelopes we exchanged with our Chinese family.
2017 A birthday Eve snipit

I love you. Je t’aime. 我爱你。No matter the language, we always knew and experienced true love. I ask God to bless you “real good”in your mission, however that works. We are souls of God, forever connected, forever soulmates.

Love, Sarah