Bon appétit mon chéri

5 Sep 2020

Well Rod, another September day here in France. I haven’t been feeling great lately, mainly because I didn’t get sleep and had some diarrhea. That all seems to be gone now, so I’m grateful for that! I took some time to cook a proper French meal today, all from scratch using recipes. The Only thing I didn’t have was an time!

Magret de canard, pomme de terre doux , échalotes, épinards jeune poussé avec un sauce sirop d’érable.
Mousse au chocolat

I’m beginning to believe I can cook Rod..all those years you were the “chief cook and bottle washer” and now it’s me, and I’m doing it, and it actually tasting pretty good. I have had to invest in the kitchen tools (mixer, slow cooker, mandarin slicer, kitchen scale, etc) with the right voltage. I’m still using the landlord’s rental dishes, not my favorite, but not worth replacing.

I am going to a social event where we need to bring food, so I’ve been easier-than-I -imagined- apple-!pie came out well too! I need to look for a better quality crust (or date to make it myself..doubtful!)

Tarte au pomme

It’s strange Rod, I am liking cooking, feeling no need to look for love and cook for two, yet I don’t want to go out to eat dinner alone. Life as a widow. Little discoveries, big impacts. Love does not die with death, and I will always love you. Always. Bon appétit mon chéri.