#10 on the first year of the widow’s journey

1 5 July 2019

Leaving China leaving me

Wow Rod, 1 year ago we were packed up, leaving China. I knew you were sick and getting sicker by the day. Little did I know that you would be leaving me within 3 months of arriving in the US. I see your face when I close my eyes..it’s vivid. I miss you Rod..nothing can fill the void. I’m in my new life here in France…even that seems surrealistic this evening. I ask God to bless you Rod in your mission…whatever that is and however that works. You will always be the love of my life Rod..always. Until we meet again..where there is no dawning, no setting of the sun and we see Him face to face. I love you Rodney. I will always love you.

29 July 2019

9 months since go to heaven day, the Welly Story

A few days ago I got an email from the Wellendorff company. As usual, the photos of their jewelry were beautiful. I felt the need to write them a letter about our history Rod, so here is the exchange of emails. They are a first class company Rod..and I still treasure my Welly. You are my angel, always keeping me safe.

Hello Mrs Wellendorff,

I love your company and the products. My husband I and first saw one of your rings in a window in Saltzburg, Austria while on vacation in 1998. We weren’t in a position to buy it, but he and I knew it was only a matter of time before I had “a welly” on my finger or around my neck. In 2015 my husband received a diagnosis of recurring cancer. It was slow growing, but not curable. We were living in China at the time and he organized with the boutique in Hongkong to order a “keep me safe” ring. We flew down to pick it up and it was everything I had ever hoped for. The craftsmanship is lovely and so smooth on my hand. We ended up buying an additional bracelet and necklace and I love them all. Unfortunately the cancer eventually took the life of my husband back in September of 2018. I’m heartbroken yet grateful for our 37 years together, and every time I go on a business trip, I wear my “keep me safe” Ring and see that little angel telling me I’m going to be ok, just like my husband would do. I’m an American, but as part of my new life, I’ve moved to live and work in France. One day at a time, I’m building a new chapter of my life.

I have a happy/sad reaction to your product emails..I love to see the the beautiful photos of your products and hear celebrations of your successes…but right now, I have little interest in buying..he always bought me jewelry…and it’s just not the same. With time, maybe, but not now..so I have not hit the unsubscribe button!

I wish you and your management team all the success in the world. You have beautiful products , so I hope you’re future is bright so that when I’m ready to add to my Welly collection, you’ll be there!


Sarah Miller

Then I got this reply Rod, it really touched me:

Dear Mrs Miller,

We are so personally touched to learn your story about Wellendorff and yourself.

It makes us grateful to learn the deep meaning your Wellendorff ring has for you.

Yes, let us keep in touch, I am sure time will come where you want to commemorate another meaningful moment with a special piece of jewellery. Yes, we will be there…

Warmly Yours,

Christoph Wellendorff

I just wanted to share this with you Rod. I love you. I will always love you. The jewelry is beautiful but it will never fill the void in my soul and hole in the gut. Our wellys are safe.