#9 on the first year of the widow’s journey

7 June 2019

Another chapter begins

Today is moving in to the new apartment in CLERMONT-FERRAND day Rod. Moving out of the temporary apartment and into my new place. First apartment I have ever picked out and moved into on my own. I got the keys last night, the movers are delivering the shipment from Greenville right now. It feels strange Rod, as the owner was explaining how things worked, the heater system, the washer, the stove..all simple stuff, but very overwhelming for me. You always took care of all of that. I’m just putting all the boxes in the spare bedroom for now..I’ll sort it out little by little..I have time. No need to complicate my life. It’s what I keep telling myself, but at the same time I’m anxious…I want it perfect right now! I’m already looking at interior designers to help me make it look nicer..make it more “me”. I’ll get through this move in phase and eventually I’ll feel at home here…it will just take time. Intellectually I know it, my experience reinforces it..my heart so easily forgets it.

29 June 2019

9 months since go to heaven day

Well Rod, I bought a car today. Another first..first car I have ever bought alone. Dad and I bought my little mustang, and you bought all the rest. Our friend Jean Jacques introduced me to the VW store because I originally told him I wanted a Polo, like we had in 1997 in Montceau. When I got there I saw the Polo and right beside it was a new small SUV on the Polo platform, with a nice set of “1st edition” options. So today I went back with Jean Jacques and bought it. I did negotiate some..probably not as much as you would have, but I did do some! I miss my negotiator man.