Putting myself out there

26 December 2020

Well Rod,

Today, I did something that I didn’t expect would happen in 2020, or any year for that matter. I « opened » an online shop for my art work. It works by me uploading an image of my art and Redbubble puts it on various products and if they sell, I get a small proceed. And as I type this, I have actually sold some products! A reprisal of « Art from the HeArt » could be in the making, but I’ll have to figure out how to do taxes of it amounts to anything. Another gift of 2020. Here is the link.


Screenshot of my Redbubble profile page and shop

Otherwise, I’m proud to report that I have survived my first Christmas alone here in France. 2 years and 3 months after you have passed into the eternity of my memory and left your body behind, I faced this holiday head-on. Another milestone on this grief journey. Yes, there were a few tears. My friend Karen invited me for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner which was very nice. Covid confinement has severely curtailed travel, so I have used the time to paint, clean, cook, read and do an inventory on a couple of subjects. Making decisions is where I miss you so much. I pray, I meditate, and it is all good. It does not however, take te place of face conversation with you. I will always love you Rodney, always.

I’ll write more later Rodney to close out 2020. Forever yours.