Another first… Riding bicycle solo In France

18 August 2020

Dearest Rodney,

Today was another first…my first solo bicycle ride since we left China. Brought back so many memories..over the 37 years together, we rode everywhere together..KY, AL, IN, SC, France, Romania and lastly China. I think we bought new bicycles everywhere we lived..and I still have them in storage! I remember that first bicycle I bought you to celebrate 1 year of sobriety ..a brand new 10 speed Raleigh…quite an upgrade from the used one you bought when you first moved to Paducah! That bike was the most reliable form of transportation you had! I remember riding our VTT’s all over the burgundy region in France, the mountain tops in Romania, all along the river path in Shenyang.

Today, you were with me in spirit…right ahead of me at times, right behind me at others..just like we always rode. Your face is always just behind my eyes. Just like we never forget how to ride a bike, I will never forget my riding partner.

My view for the 36k day..a rental bike…with 7 bikes in storage, I’m renting a bike!
A classic Basque Country house along the way
Down by the riverside also brought back some sweet memories. Old times not forgot.

I did it Rod, another first. The smallest things take on big importance in this journey as a widow. Not a title I wanted, but it’s one I have. Living, one day at a time, continuing on the grief journey, trying to help others as I see opportunities….just like you always did. When I feel down, it helps to use that magic 6 letter word you always said…”others”.

I ask God to bless you today, Rodney whatever mission you have. I will always love you Rodney, always.