Emerging from confinement

17 May 2020

Well Rod, it’s been a week since the 11 May 2020 deadline of the confinement conditions are easing up here in France. Really, I do t think you would have liked it much, and I’m glad I’m a way that you didn’t have to endure this. My painting helped me so much to have a creative outlet during this difficult time. Now, one week later, I’m starting to get out and hiking around the beautiful Auvergne region. I wish it was you and I, but of course that is folly..it will never happen. I enjoy it with my friends and I’m so grateful for their friendship that has helped me discover this beautiful part of France. The mountains are so different than the rolling hills and canals of the Burgundy region which we enjoyed thoroughly 20+ years ago. A different life..part of our charmed life. Saturday on a nice hike with Karen

Sunday a nice hike with Marilena, Jean-François and Claudia. I’m sure you would like them all Rod. They are taking care of me and helping me see this beautiful region. I miss you Rodney, I still miss you. You will always be the love of my life. Always.

That’s about it Rodney. You know I love you. You remain just right behind my eyes.

Love, Sarah