1 March 2020

This time 19 years ago, we were moving to Romania. On the way to work, I saw women standing beside the road holding small baskets of flowers. Hand woven baskets, hand picked small flowers. I asked the driver what was special about the day and he told me in his best English that today was Martisor. A day that celebrates the coming of spring and new life, and marks the passing of winter and death. He mentioned that it is customary to wear a pin with red and white threads entertained to show that red for life and white for death go together and in this day they are celebrated together. The men typically give women a flower on this day and so the ladies of the small villages pick flowers and weave baskets to sell along the road for people to offer for Martisor. We stopped and bought a basket. I don’t remember how much it was but the cost was very low from memory. Low enough to realize the meager sum was very important to the seller. I’m sure we bought more than one.

When I got to work, man after man started coming to my office with flowers..and more flowers as the day went on. By the time I left, the whole car was filled with flowers and small pins with red and white threads..I still have them some place in storage.

Today, Martisor 2020 I celebrate in a different way. I remember my dear loved ones who passed before me, making death so much more real, so close, so final for here on earth. At the same time, I enjoy the flowers, the new life and energy I see in youth. Each day a new beginning…now more than ever one day at a time.

I love you Rodney, happy Martisor to the man who represents both new life in Heaven, and death here on earth.

Spring here is Clermont-Ferrand, France. Happy Martisor