Gratitude is an action word

26 Nov 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Rodney. This was always a moment of gratitude for us and especially you. I remember the story you shared each year, that on this day in 1981, you were barely 1 month sober, living in a new place, alone and lonely. Thank God for the good people at 4th and Elizabeth in Paducah KY , who on that cold and snowy day , invited you to have a meal at the Farmer’s market. I wasn’t in the picture yet, and by the grace of God you made it through that first holiday sober, one minute at a time. I’m grateful for all of those days you were sober Rod and especially for the ones we had together here on this earth.

No wine for Rodney, and none for me either, but TGIF ( Thank God it’s Friday) is my way of saying through art that I’m grateful for my life today.

Today it’s starting to feel and look like that transition between Fall and Winter here in ClermontFerrand. Putting up the big Christmas tree with a mobile crane on the city central square Place de Jaude.

There are so many things for which I’m grateful today..I’ll list some, but it will never be sufficient. It is good to reflect and thank God for my blessings. I’m grateful for…

The time on this earth with Rodney… The things he taught me, the ways he helped me, the love, joys, sorrows we shared, our adventurous life together, his sobriety, The way he helped others, The way he was a grandpa to Olivia, The relationship with our sons, his musicianship, his spirituality, his love of country and freedom, his smile, his gentlemanly manners, the way he danced, his generosity, his hugs…and the list goes on…

Family and friends…My sons (actually officially, they would be step sons, but to me they are sons!) who continue to love me unconditionally, my brother and sisters, and my extended family of cousins and nieces and nephews, my friends all over the world and especially the ones here in France who have made me feel so welcome in my home away from Kentucky home. My family members who have passed on before me, for the way they taught me how to love and be loved.

Many blessings, health, spiritual growth, a nice place to live, a good job, a love for music and the arts, connecting with artists all over the world, curiosity, strength, adventuresome spirit, all of my needs are met as are most of my wants, technology to stay connected to friends and family,

The list could go on but I stop here. I’ll always love you Rodney. Always. You will always be the love of my life, now and forever. No replacements. You remain just behind my eyes…forever and always.

I am grateful for my life here in France…blessed beyond all measure, just like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Love you,